Regional Automotive Cluster of Central Serbia is a regional initiative for the development of automotive industry in the region of Central Serbia. In past decades, development of this region was tied to this industry and also future development directions in a large extent are determined by the joint capital investment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Italian company Fiat in Kragujevac.

Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac, based on the identified needs of its members from the sectors related to automotive industry, and as the representative of the interests of economy, has initiated gathering in to cluster, so that market opportunities can be more efficiently exploited. In this sense, broad support of all stakeholders in the region is received, so not only the most important companies from the region, but also the most important institutions, such as Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac, Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo, Regional Chamber of Commerce Krusevac, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Economics and Mechanical University Kragujevac, Kragujevac City Hall and Regional economic Development Agency of Sumadija and Pomoravlje were founders of the Cluster. In this way a strong base for future sustainable and coordinated development activities is created. Regional Automotive Cluster of Central Serbia was established in September 2010. The cluster initially had 22 members - the founders. During 2012, in addition to the initial cluster members- founders, the cluster joints another 6 companies, and so far Regional Automotive Cluster of Central Serbia has a total of 28 members.